Google Doodle Honors Veterans Day with 3D Sculpture of the American Flag

Friday is Veterans Day in the US, a day reserved for Americans to pause to honor and give thanks to those who have served in the US military defending our country.

Google traditionally turns the focus of its Doodle each Nov. 11 to honor the contributions of those brave men and women, and this year’s Doodle draws on familiar themes, with Google lettering depicted in military camouflage intertwined in a 3D paper sculpture of the American flag.

Originally known as Armistice Day, which marked the end of hostilities in World War I, Veterans Day is observed every Nov. 11. The name of the holiday was officially changed to Veterans Day in 1954, but many still observe a moment of silence on Nov. 11 at the 11th hour — the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, when the cessation of hostilities officially ended in World War I.

Like previous tributes Google has dedicated to Veterans Day, the vivid images in this year’s Doodle were created by a guest artist who served in the US military. Friday’s Doodle was created by Monty Little, a member of the Navajo Nation and Marine Corp veteran from Tuba City, Arizona. Little said he was humbled when he was approached to collaborate on the Doodle.

“There is a special endurance and perseverance veterans encountered during their service, and I want to highlight those who have braved their service,” Little told Google. “I am a Marine Corps veteran who served with 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, and I am proud to show my gratitude to everyone who has served.”

Little said he hopes the Doodle inspires Americans to appreciate their land, their history and each other.

“The American flag symbolizes freedom and the right to express,” he said.