Trading In An Old iPhone To Apple? You’ll Get Less Money For It Today

Two months after introducing the new iPhone 14 series and Apple Watch 8 smartwatches, Apple has quietly reduced the trade-in values ​​for a lot of older devices.

Comparing Apple’s trade-in website with an archived version from Wednesday, it seems the company updated the amount of money you’ll get if you trade in an older device. Some products haven’t seen that much of a drop, like the iPhone 13, which gets you up to $450 instead of $470 just a day ago. iPads and Apple Watches had slight drops in value as well.

But Mac trade-in values ​​have seen steep declines. You’ll only get up to $600 for an iMac Pro instead of the $1,150 offered yesterday, as MacRumors pointed out. Mac Pros will get $1,250 (down from $1,550), while MacBook Pros will get $630 (down from $850). iMacs and Mac minis had less dramatic drops in trade-in prices, while the MacBook Air barely dropped at all.

It’s not surprising that Apple would offer less money to buy back one of its devices, and not just for wear and tear. The company has dropped the purchase price for many of its older products. Now that the brand-new iPhone 14 is on the market, the iPhone 13 — which was priced at $800 when it launched in September 2021 — can be bought for $700 on Apple’s website.

Apple didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.