Tuca & Bertie has been canceled by Adult Swim

Hanawalt took to her Twitter account last night to announce Adult Swim’s decision to cancel Tuca & Bertie and thank her fans for their vocal support of the show, which likely played a role in its initial resurrection. Hanawalt said that her time with Adult Swim had been “very creatively fulfilling” and the praises of the network’s executives for giving her the time and space to make the show that she and the rest of Tuca & Bertie‘s creative team wanted to. In no uncertain terms, Hanawalt also expressed how proud she was of her colleagues and how strongly she believes in unionized workplaces.

“Please watch the end credits and take note of all of these names in the cast and crew,” Hanawalt wrote. “I’m also very glad we were able to be covered by both The Animation Guild and the Writers Guild of America. I hope any show creators who have the leverage to fight for unionizing their productions will continue to do so.”

Despite the abruptness of Tuca & Bertie’s cancellation, Hanawalt says that she still has “a beautiful and weird ending” for the friends’ story in mind that she would very much like to finish at some point, but in the meanwhile, she intends “to keep telling stories like this, no matter what.”