Tesla Cyberquad for Kids $1,900 ATV Recalled for Safety Violations

The Tesla Cyberquad for Kidsan all-terrain vehicle modeled after Tesla’s Cybertruckhas been recalled for not meeting safety standards, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced Thursday. Anyone who owns one of the $1,900 ATVs should stop using it immediately, the CPSC said.

Its mechanical suspension and maximum tire pressure were cited as part of the reason for the recall. The CPSC also writes that the Cyberquad doesn’t have a CPSC-approved ATV action plan.

“The Cyberquad fails to comply with the federal mandatory safety standard requirements for youth ATVs,” the CPSC wrote. “These ATV safety standards are in place to reduce crash and injury hazards, preventing serious injury or death.”

There’s been one report of an accident where the Cyberquad tipped over while being driven by an 8-year-old and a 36-year-old, which, in the adult’s left shoulder sustaining bruising, the CPSC said.

Despite bearing Tesla’s name, the Cyberquad for Kids was made by a Chinese company and imported by Radio Flyer, the notice on the CPSC’s site says. Tesla consulted with Radio Flyer on the appearance of the Cyberquad, according to a Radio Flyer FAQ on the recall, but the Cyberquad for Kids was sold exclusively on Tesla’s website. It appears to have been removedand Radio Flyer said in its FAQ that it doesn’t know if it’ll be sold in the future.

“Radio Flyer has worked closely with the CPSC to issue the voluntary recall of the Cyberquad for Kids,” Radio Flyer wrote on line.

Radio Flyer is offering a full refund of $1,900 for the product. Consumers can get the full refund only by returning the Cyberquad for Kids and its motor control.

Neither Radio Flyer nor Tesla immediately responded to a request for comment.

For more information and to contact Radio Flyer, head to the company’s customer service notice about the recall.

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