Rode audio has a new product line for gamers and streamers

Rod has announced a new division dedicated to audio equipment designed to serve the needs of the gaming and streaming community. The Australian audio company has named this new sub-brand “Rode X,” and the lineup will launch with three products: two new microphones and a virtual mixing solution called Unify designed for streaming and gaming.

The Unify software allows users to route and mix up to four USB microphones and up to six virtual audio sources (including games, chat, music, and browser applications) through a single interface. The software can remove background noise and otherwise improve the quality of your audio with the help of compressors, noise gates, and high-pass filters.

Rode X's Unify audio mixing software as it would appear on a desktop computer.

The Unify studio streaming software can be downloaded for free when you purchase a Rode X microphone.
Image: Rode

Unify is free if you buy a Rode X microphone (but not with products from the main Rode product line) and is otherwise available to purchase as a subscription, either monthly (AU$ 7.99 / around $5) or yearly (AU$ 69.99 / around $45). All subscriptions will be billed in Australian dollars and may not be available in all territories.

The Rode X XDM-100 microphone at a side angle.

The XDM-100 mixes the usual professional style of Rode XLR microphones with an edgy red / black color scheme so that it’s 100 percent clear that this is a product for gamers.
Image: Rode

The XDM-100 is a dynamic cardioid microphone with USB-C connectivity, featuring a pop filter, shock mount, and three-meter headphone extension cable. The design includes a headphone output with level control and a mute button. Removing the pop filter reveals a red and black color scheme that will look familiar to those who endured the “edgy” phase of gaming hardware in the early 2010s. The XDM-100 is available to buy now for $249 and will require a boom arm or stand to complete the setup (purchased separately).

If you want a more affordable alternative, the XCM-50 . Rode X is a compact USB-C cardioid condenser microphone with a price tag of $149. It has a boxier design and includes a shock mount and internal pop shield, and it features a built-in level control and mute button. Customers will also get a desktop tripod included in the box.

The Rode X XCM-50 microphone as viewed from the side

The Rode X XCM-50 is smaller and more affordable than the XDM-100 but still features a similar red/black color scheme.
Image: Rode

Both microphones have a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz and have a minimum operating system requirement of macOS 10.12 or Windows 10 to run.