Nvidia’s cloud streaming GeForce Now service is currently 40 percent off

In case you missed it (because lord knows we did), Nvidia is currently running a sale on the Priority tier of its GeForce Now cloud game streaming service. Until November 20th, a six-month subscription to the tier costs $29.99, a 40 percent discount compared to the usual $49.99 price. The promotion is available to “new users and existing ones upgrading from a free or one-month Priority Membership, as well as for those who are on an active promotion or gift card,” according to Nvidia.

Priority is the middle subscription tier of GeForce Now. Paying for it raises the maximum session length to six hours, up from the one hour you get on the free tier. It also offers resolutions of up to 1080p and frame rates of up to 60fps. For 4K / 120fps, you’ll be wanting Nvidia’s RTX 3080 tier, which costs $99.99 for six months. Obviously, the exact quality of the experience will depend a lot on the speed of your internet connection.

Note that you’ll need to own or purchase supported games from one of the PC game stores that GeForce Now integrates with in order to stream them through the service (although a variety of free-to-play games are also available). Supported PC game stores include Steam, the Epic Games Store, and Origin.

However, once you’ve got both games as well as a GeForce Now subscription in place, Nvidia’s streaming service is available on a wide variety of devices, including Mac and Windows PCs, iOS and Android devices, Nvidia’s set-top Shield box, and even natively on some LG TVs.