In ‘M3GAN’ Movie Trailer, a Murderous Robot Shows Off Killer Dance Moves

In a new trailer for the upcoming movie M3GAN, we meet a lifelike android tasked with taking care of Katie, a young girl who’s lost her parents.

“Megan, your goal is to protect Katie from harm, both physical and emotional,” says the child’s aunt (Allison Williams), a roboticist at a toy company who created M3GAN or “model 3 generative android.”

Horror film translation: Megan, your goal is to go Defcon 1 on anyone who so much as challenges Katie’s distaste for vegetables. And if that means wielding a knife or a nail gun, you do it, Megan.

When she’s not busy terrorizing anyone who isn’t Katie, Megan likes to show off her killer floppy-limbed dance moves, run around on all fours and utter foreboding phrases like “recalibrating response model.” All to a Taylor Swift soundtrack.

M3GAN is co-produced by Aquaman’s James Wan and Blumhouse Productions, the studio behind Jordan Peele’s Get Out and the supernatural horror franchise Paranormal Activity. It comes as scientists are teaching robots to behave in ever more realistic ways, like laughing at the right time to better bond with humans. But could there be a downside to all that human-bot bonding?

“They could be building emotional connections that are too hard to debt,” an expert warns of Megan and her human friend. We all know where that one’s headed.

The movie opens Jan. 13.