GM reveals first four SUVs to access its expanded Super Cruise network

General Motors has announced the first vehicles to access its recently-expanded Super Cruise hands-free driver assistance system (ADAS).

Super Cruise is available only on certain roads, with GM announcing an expansion to its network back in August. The expansion doubled the size of the Super Cruise network in North America and Canada, which covers over 400,000 miles of roads. now, GM has revealed the first vehicles to have access to this expansion:

A before and after comparison of the Super Cruise road network expansion, which now covers over 400,000 miles of roads across the US and Canada.
Image: General Motors and Image: General Motors

Access will only be available to models built on October 3, 2022 or later, with these vehicles expected to arrive with customers by mid-November. Other Super Cruise-enabled vehicles will also be granted access to the expanded road network via over-the-air updates in the coming months. These updates will be automatically downloaded by eligible vehicles.

GM also confirmed in its press release that Super Cruise will be made available to a total of 22 vehicles globally by the end of 2023, with Ultra Cruise (GM’s answer to Tesla’s “Full Self Driving” package) coming to unspecified “premium” vehicles at a later date.