Fallout: London modders drop zombie Queen Elizabeth II character for obvious reasons

“We have always maintained that if she was to pass away before the mod was complete we would change it,” Carter said. “Don’t expect them in there. There’s no point asking in the comments. There’s no point moaning. It’s the official stance of the mod and it will not change.”

Concept art of the two characters show an undead-looking Queen Elizabeth II flanked by two murderous corgies, while a similarly ghoulish King Charles III is decked out in a morning suit paired with either a crown or top hat.

Yes, technically both royals were always going to have died before the mod’s setting in the year 2237. But including a recently-deceased woman as a “ghoul” could be seen as pretty poor taste, and you can understand why a small team of developers might want to avoid getting embroidered in any unnecessary controversy.

Although these specific characters won’t be making an appearance, it sounds like the team has plans to replace them. Carter didn’t offer any specifics during the update video, noting only that we’ll have to “wait and see” what the team comes up with.

Fallout: London is currently due for release sometime in 2023, and it’s already become one of the most highly-anticipated mods for the game. Bethesda recently featured the mod on its blog under its “Monthly Modder” seriesand my box reports that the publisher has hired multiple members of the team based on their work on the mod. It’s hired Fallout: London‘s lead technical adviser Ryan Johnson earlier this year, head writer Stephanie Zachariadis in 2021and made a job offer to project lead Dean Carter which he turned down.