Blink-182 Reuniting Has Fans Excited, and Feeling a Little Old

Pop punk band Blink-182 — the outfit behind such songs as All the Small Things and What’s My Age Again — is going back on tour with founding member and guitarist Tom DeLonge.

The band posted an innuendo-laden video to multiple platforms on Tuesday featuring members DeLonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker. This marks their first tour together in about 10 years. The tour itself kicks off in March 2023 and runs through February 2024, with nearly 70 stops around the world.

DeLonge left the band in 2015. In the last few years, Hoppus was diagnosed with lymphoma (and is now cancer-free) and Barker married Kourtney Kardashian. Blink-182, whose 1999 album Enema of the State went platinum five times over, celebrated its 30th anniversary in July. The group also said it would release a new song called Edging on Oct. 14. Tickets go on sale Oct. 17.

On social media, fans were quick to cheer the reunion. “Tom rejoining Blink 182 means the world is healing,” one wrote.

Some fans cracked jokes about the passage of time. Elder millennial humor abounded. “Blink-182 reuniting is the biggest news for millennials since AOL shut down Instant Messenger,” one tweeted.

And some poked fun at the band’s signature pronunciation style — that ’90s-era habit more than a few singers had of chewing up their vowels.