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A RAM upgrade can tremendously prolong your computer’s lifespan. The subsequent image is of a type of memory that your computer makes use of on begin-up. SODIMM, or small outline twin in-line memory module, is made with integrated circuits and is about half the scale of DIMM modules. See the place RAM is situated inside a desktop computer next. DIMM, or dual in-line memory module, has a sixty four-bit path to reminiscence chips, whereas the SIMM has solely a 32-bit. The next sort of memory is commonly present in notebooks, printers and networking equipment.


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Take a closer take a look at a graphics card on the following page. A exhausting disk is a sealed aluminum box, which has been opened on this photo. The controller electronics are connected to at least one aspect, controlling the learn/write mechanism and the motor that spins the platters.

These are some widespread tools used to work on this device. PCI Express or PCIe eliminates the necessity for the AGP by accepting more information and supplying more energy to video cards. However, the merchandise within Technology News the subsequent image has been replacing PCIe as the new standard. An AGP, or accelerated graphics port, permits the operating system to designate RAM to be used by the graphics card on the fly.