Peloton Bike and Accessories Discounted by Up to 25% in Surprise Amazon Prime Day Sale

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If you’re looking to kick your fitness routine into high gear, investing in a Peloton bike is a great way to step up your training regimen. Peloton has a lot of great features, including a wide variety of spinning classes and an HD touchscreen, and the brand also offers cycling shoes, dumbbells and other accessories and apparel that can enhance your workout routine.

Right now Amazon has the Peloton bike, as well as accessories and apparel, discounted by up to 25% for Amazon Prime Day.

Normally listing for $1,445, you can snag the original Peloton Bike for just $1,225 during this sale. The bike comes equipped with a 22-inch touchscreen, a headphone jack and Bluetooth connectivity, a 5-megapixel front-facing camera, a built-in microphone and more. You can also monitor your speed, resistance, heart rate and more. Keep in mind you will have to have an All-Access Membership to access Peloton content on your bike, which is sold separately and costs $44 a month.


Amazon is offering the best price we’ve ever seen on a Peloton bike right now, but this deal won’t stick around for long. The price includes free scheduled delivery inside your doorway.

You can also grab a protective floor mat to prevent scuff marks and other damages from occurring while you’re working out. It will also make your ride more stable, so you won’t rock during high-intensity rides. It’s just $56 right now. Other accessories are available, too, like the Peloton Heart Rate Band, which rests on your forearm and has LED lights that display your heart rate zone at a glance. It’s IP67 waterproof, so sweat won’t harm the device. And it uses Bluetooth technology to send progress updates to your phone, tablet and other fitness apps. It comes in two sizes and is $22 off currently, meaning you’ll pay just $68.

There are also deals on a number of other Peloton-brand items, like Platoon cycling shoes for $94 and Platoon Altos cycling shoes for $109. Or snag a set of dumbbells and an AI-powered personal training guide for strength training. There are also hoodies, leggings and other apparel on sale, water bottles and more — so be sure to check out the entire sale selection at Amazon.

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