Genesis X Convertible EV Concept Previews Future Design Language

Korean luxury automaker Genesis added a third model to its now trilogy of X Concept design study vehicles this evening with the debut of the X Convertible concept on the eve of the 2022 LA Auto Show.

The X Convertible shares its EV architecture and powertrain — as well as much of its aesthetics and design — with the previously revealed X Concept and X Speedium Coupe concepts. The electric four-seater continues Genesis’ exploration of Korean-inspired EV design in a drop-top configuration infused with a California vibe. That’s the state with both the highest electric vehicle adoption and the most convertible-friendly weather year-round.

Like the X Speedium, the X Convertible’s parallel, wraparound light signature evolves and stretches to form the frame of the automaker’s shield-shaped Crest Grille. The elongated body features subtle curves and an arching belt line that finishes with a slight downward slope towards the X Convertible’s rear. Out back, a subtle ducktail spoiler blends into the decklid and integrates a notched high-center brake lamp just above the double tail lights.

Large G-Matrix pattern wheels fill the bulging arches with a concave aero dish rim section designed to extract heat from the EV’s big six-piston brakes.

The X Convertible has four seats, but the most important bucket is the one behind the steering wheel. The cockpit-style dashboard flows into a wraparound center console with an integrated touchscreen display that hugs the driver’s seat. Up front is a digital instrument cluster.


Like the X Speedium concept, the X Convertible’s light signature forms the grille’s frame.

Antuan Goodwin/CNET Cars

The interior is finished in Gina Navy and Dancheong Orange leather. Matched with recycled wool textiles the colors and details of the interior are inspired by Korean roof architecture — funny, since the X Convertible is presented without a visible roof. There is a hardtop; it’s just folded away and hidden. The top uses transparent panels that attempt to create the feeling of open-air driving, even when rain or cold doesn’t allow it.

Like the X Concept cars that came before, the Genesis X Convertible is, for now, just a design exercise. Considering how much the convertible market has shrunk over the last decade, it’s perhaps the member of the trio that’s the least likely to reach production. But, as a preview of what we can expect from the future of Genesis’ electric vehicle design and as gorgeous eye candy, the X Convertible is still exciting.